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About us

Shanghai Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional pouches and bags manufacturer in China. Here we believe you can find the right pouch bag that we made for various uses, especially for gifts, toys, cosmetics, jewelry, laptops, cell phones, promotions and shopping. 

What is our goal? 
Established in 2003, we have been keeping a quite simple goal of "To design, manufacture and export the right products for our customers with assured quality and competitive price". 

To achieve this, we have talented designers, experienced workers and export professionals, and we have worked together as one team for more than 10 years. The time proves that our efforts keep us not only survived but also achieved the continuous development under fierce competition. 

What can we do for you? 
Design your ideas: Just let us know your idea, our designers will realize it and design the totally satisfying artwork for you. 

Manufacture the right products: We produce the customized pouch bags with assured quality, competitive price and flexible production ability. 

Export and ship the goods to your hand: Shanghai seaport and airport ranks as one of the 1st largest seaports in the world, which enables our export and shipping professionals to use the most suitable way to ship the products to you. 

Not only on time, but also cost effective. 



Contact: Susan Su

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Tel: 0086 18916969283

Email: admin@sheaglegift.com

Add: Room 409, 1st Building, Hutai Road 2999Lane, Baoshan District, Shanghai Post code: 200444

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